Professional Digital Forensic Investigation Services

When your case rests on Digital Artifacts. Make sure your using the right investigators. We are those investigators.

E-Discovery and Digital Forensic Leaders

HTCI forensics offers a wide‐range of forensic collection, analysis, and advisory services — capable of complete and/or targeted forensically sound acquisitions of nearly every form of data including mobile devices, Cloud, and social media sites. HTCI Forensics provides high quality forensic analysis for clients involved in matters of varying degrees of sensitivity. This type of service is particularly helpful in cases involving areas of serious contention including intellectual property theft, employer/employee breach of contract case or in cases involving gross employee misconduct. These specialized services are tailored to a client’s specific needs and are accomplished in a targeted and confidential manner. Our investigators work with for private corporations, government and intelligence agencies, law firms, providing both technical advice and expert opinions.

Data Recovery from Media Devices

Our Forensic Experts use the latest tools available to find and retrieve data found on Hard Drives, Thumb Drives and other forms of Digital Media.


Our rates are the most competitive in the industry. We are not the lowest price and we are not the highest price. We are the right price!

Finding the Evidence

With over 50 years of combined experience, our forensic team is able to efficiently search through Terra bytes of data. We will get you an answer to your questions.

On Site Imaging

If you need us we will come to your office or site to collect the data required.

Custom Coding

We have the ability to write our own scripts and code so that new data types or hidden containers will be found.

Unlocking the Data in your Case

Our forensic team provides services in Fraud, Employee Theft, Intellectual Property Theft, Cyber Crime, Digital Crime and Divorce investigations. Our clients are always number 1 in our book. We have to earn your trust daily.

  • Our Case Hinged on Computer Evidence

    S Heller

    These guys know what they are doing. They provided all the data I needed to protect my client from a frivolous law suit.

  • I was hacked, They Helped!

    Tampa Business Owner

    There was so much data to review. Stephen and Sam were able to identify how the intruder was able to access our network and compromise one of our systems. They are fast and effective. Well worth the money!

  • I Didn’t Think They Could Pull It Off, But They Did!

    St Petersburg Attorney

    After a lot of the evidence was thrown into the gulf, we were pretty sure all was lost. Not so. After some diagnostics and a replacement board on a hard drive the data was retrieved. It was prety amazing to see this happen.

Current Rate Card

Drive Imaging Rates - You will find our prices to be both competitive and affordable.  HTCI has spent alot of time developing a rate card that maximizes our clients return on investment.  This is certainly reflected in our rates.  Download the full rate card  or request a quote to see how we can provide you with superior service today.

Hourly Rates

$ 240 / per hour

  • Consultation
  • Investigative Analysis
  • Report Generation
  • Investigative Reviews

Court/Deposition Hourly Rate

$ 325 / per hour

  • Court Testimony
  • Depositions
  • Expert Witness
  • 3 Hour Minimum

Mobile Device Extraction

$ 500 / per device

  • Extract & Copy Data
  • Recover Damaged or Deleted Files
  • Recover MicroSD Cards
  • Does not include Analysis

OFF-SITE Collection

$ 185 / per man Hour

  • Imaging Cost based on Imaging Rate
  • Example
  • 4 x 500GB hard drives = 2000GB x $1.5/ GB + 1000GB x $1/GB +
  • $1.5/GB * 2000GB = $3,0000
  • 4 x $185 = $740
  • $3000 + $740 + Travel


$ 1.50 / per GB of Data

  • Media to be acquired is transported to an HTCI lab for off site imaging
  • plus Travel Cost
  • $500.00 Minimum Fee
  • ** Example Cost**
  • 4 x 500GB hard drives = 2000GB
  • $1.5/GB * 2000GB = $3,0000
  • + travel or shipping

Travel Rate – Local

$ 120 / per hour

  • Billed in 15 Minute Increments after initial hour
  • On-Site Areas Serviced
  • Hillsborough County
  • Pasco County
  • Pinellas County

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we have answered all your questions.  Sometimes other questions pop up.  As those questions pop up we will record them here in the FAQ section of our site.  If you have questions that the FAQ's do not answer please submit your question to us.

Yes we have alot of experience in Cellphone investigations.

We use several tools including:

OS Forensics

Autopsy Forensic Suite

Forensic Explorer

HTCI Write Protect

OS Triage

ADF G2 Analyst

All of the HTCI tools are licensed to HTCI.  We will not use untested tools to image or conduct analysis on your data.

We work with:

Linux OS

Microsoft OS

Macintosh OS

Android OS

Apple IOS

Blackberry OS

Symbian OS

Yes.  Before we commence work an agreement must be entered into.  The amount required will be based on the work to be conducted.

It all depends on the size and type of hard drive you are imaging.  Some forensic software imagers run at speeds of up to 2 to 3 GB per minute.   Many hardware imagers run much faster.  We will use the tool that is the fastest for your device.  For calculating cost use the 2 GB speed.  This will give you the most conservative estimate.